Starting 2016 with the Polar Bear Swim
Happy New Year 2016! Happy New Year 2016 to all! For this start of the year well underway I’m going to share with you the unique experience I’ve had on the First of January 2016: the famous Polar Bear Swim. What is the Polar Bear Swim, will you tell me? […]

Starting 2016 with a Polar Bear Swim

50 days in Vancouver

50 days in Vancouver
Today I Celebrate my 50 days in Vancouver It’s the 15th of December 2015, and it’s been 50 days that I’ve moved to Vancouver. Times flies by so quickly. During those 50 days I discovered Vancouver but I didn’t only do that. Starting over means many procedures, administrative or else, […]

Arriving in Vancouver

Arriving in Vancouver
First Step when Arriving in Vancouver: Crossing the Border After a Detour by Seattle and a 4 hours train ride I finally arrived to Vancouver. But before setting foot on Canadian soil I first had to take a crucial step: crossing the border. After collecting my two suitcases I got […]

Detour by Seattle

Seattle, the Emerald City After packing my life in 2 suitcases I am in Seattle, the emerald city! It’s called like this because everything is green due to a lot, lot, lot of rain! The weather changes quickly as well, as I’ve to realise during my stay here, it goes […]

I Have a Canadian Dream.

My Canadian dream is about to get real... I am moving to Vancouver. In this article you'll find out why. Don't hesitate to share your own reason to move abroad.
I have this dream… I have this dream. I want to work in sustainable architecture and urbanism, and contribute to make our world greener. But reality got in the way, the reality of the working world in Belgium. I couldn’t find my first job after finishing my studies, the one […]